Well lets hope this pond encourages frogs to all my allotment home.  I have a massive slug problem and I’m sure there is enough food for the frogs.  The pond only took a couple of hours to put together and its made completely of up-cycled materials.

IMG_0056   IMG_0061

Water shortage

I seriously need to sort out a water pump and timer sooner than later as my leaky hose has used up 200lt in 4 days.  Its a shame there is not enough pressure in the IBC tank to open/close the value on the LCD timer.



Considering these potatoes are just growing in reclaimed soil they are doing quite well.  To be honest potatoes tend to grow better in open soil or raised bed.  The last time I grow potatoes in potato bags the harvest was very poor indeed. Surely I should be able to grow at least one potato from eight potato bags.


My IBC tap converter has arrived

Finally I am able to downgrade IBC fire hydrant tap to a standard hose tap.   I bought this adapter from eBay for £20 which more than does what I need it to do (if you’d like a link post a comment below).  The main tap will be used to attach my hose (and subsequently water pump when I’ve got some spare cash), the second tap will be used to link to my other two 200lt water butts, one of which is attached to the guttering.

IMG_4462      IMG_4461


The big butt

Welcome to my new allotment blog. Here I will keep you up to date with all the action ‘down on the allotment’.  That said I think I’ll coin the term ‘across on the allotment’ since my allotment is pretty much opposite my house.

I’ll post some pictures of my progress to date when I get a chance.  But until then check out my recent Butt upgrade.  1000lt of pure beauty.